Hand Crafted Condiments From Fresh Ingredients
Tel: 07850 187341
Kumbites is a passionately run African flavour inspired enterprise which produces VEGAN “sauces”, no pickles, no chutneys, no jellies, no jams (exempt the preserve) using locally sourced fresh ingredients implementing traditional preparation methods. The range of products is a result of the founder's culinary upbringing in Zimbabwe.

Our products have flavour and texture that will tantalize and even surprise the most demanding of palates. Kumbites produces sauces with NO artificial preservatives, colouring, additives, stabilizers and yes NO ADDED SUGAR (exempt chilli jam).

Production is in small batches which ensures consistency in quality with seasonality. Furthermore you can incorporate these “ambrosia” products at any stage of your cooking if you ‘do’ decide to cook with them, ENJOY !

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